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    Patty upholds the highest standards in the real estate industry and is known for consistently exceeding the expectations of her clients. Her professional and personal dedication to service guarantees that every transaction will be a seamless, collaborative experience. Patty genuinely values the relationships she establishes with her clients, and forges lasting friendships with everyone. Patty knows that real estate is a very personal business. Her clients know that she will be a tireless advocate for their needs. Among the many letters of appreciation Patty has received, we would like to share a few samples…

    Patty is the best. It´s that simple. We met with numerous realtors before we decided to list our home with Patty, and it was one of the best decisions we ever made. Not only did we get top dollar for our home, but we also managed to sell our home and purchase our new home on the same day. Closing escrow just a few hours apart. That type of coordination never would have happened without Patty.

    Patty also has a team of professionals that are invaluable during the buying/selling process. Need a mortgage specialist? A reliable contractor for minor repairs? Perhaps a landscaper to enhance your home´s curb appeal? How about a stager who will showcase your home? Need a pool or home inspector for your new home? No problem – all it takes is one phone call from Patty and they are at your disposal.

    Patty is professional, knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She will be in constant contact with you via phone, texts or emails during the entire real estate transaction. But the best thing about Patty is that she values your relationship, not only as a client, but as a friend. High, high recommend.


    We would highly recommend Patty Contreras for buying and selling homes. Patty has helped our parents sell their home for top price as well as seven of our closest friends and neighbors who either bought or sold with Patty. She helped us buy our future home and will soon be helping us sell our current home. Patty´s knowledge, expertise, professionalism, resources, attention to detail, and ability to negotiate surpass all others. If you put your trust and home needs in Patty´s hands, it´ll be the best decision you make (financially and emotionally).

    Carmel Valley Family

    Patty did an outstanding job of selling our home for us. She gave us invaluable advice on preparing our home for sale, including a list of subcontractors (painters, carpet, handymen, staging) who were phenomenal and very reasonable. Within 10 days, she transitioned our home into a \"model\" looking home, which then allowed us to capitalize on multiple offers within a short time period at the top of our listing range. Patty´s command and knowledge of the marketplace in Carmel Valley is unparalleled. She is intimately familiar with every floor plan, every sale, every local appraiser, etc. Thanks to Patty´s knowledge and efforts, we had a number of proposals prior to our listing the home. Upon listing with Patty, we had over six offers within 3 days, including some over our asking price. Patty executed the preparation, listing, negotiations and final sale perfectly. Among her many strengths are her organizational skills, tenacity, integrity and professionalism. Having purchased a home that was \" \"FSBO- For Sale By Owner\" I appreciated all of the guidance and service that Patty provided, given we did not have those same resources with the purchase of our FSBO home. Wecontinue to rely on Patty for her valuable insight and resources. She is truly exceptional!\"

    Randi Rosen

    Patty knows the area extremely well. She knows all the communities and the pros and cons of each community. This had been extremely helpful for us when we were relocating from out of town. Patty is also very efficient in all the processes from finding a house for us to making the deal for us. She always responded to our questions immediately. She always finds a way to get answers for us. She knows the market very well and was able to recommend an offering price that would work out. She is honest and earned our trust as buyers quickly. With that trust, she was able to help us to buy a house that we still love today.

    Hong Yu

    Our neighbor is a Realtor and a close personal friend is as well. We met Patty during our buying and selling process. You can´t list enough praise for Patty. She knows Carmel Valley, the homes, the neighborhoods, the models and even the owners of the houses. She can tell you building flaws from each builder for each model. She has a team of reasonable trustworthy contractors to help with repairs. Patty works 24/7! You can text her at 11p at night and she´ll answer you right away. She´ll take you to houses that may not even be on the market or are in escrow to show you the positives and negatives and give you better insight. She knows what´s coming on the market and the price points. Patty hosted an open house for us. Without exaggeration, there was a line out the door and we had 7 written in hand with money offers the next day. Patty is honest, excellent, conscientious and a hard worker. I´m not her relative, just a very satisfied client!

    David Bloomberg

    Patty is very knowledgeable. She is very familiar with all the houses in 92130, their builders, their models, their pros and cons, which would greatly save you time if house hunting, especially when you just reloed from out of state and are blind of 92130. We bought our house through Patty in Feb 2013 and I still feel lucky we got it. I recommend Patty as your realtor.

    Jian-Sen Li

    Patty sold our house just over a year ago. The entire experience went smoothly and successfully. We were able to sell our house in 3 days for full asking price! I know this was due to Patty´s experience, vision, and professionalism. She knew exactly what we needed to show our house in a way that highlighted our home and presented it in the best light possible. Her commitment to her clients is genuine and expert. If you want to sell your home or are in the market for a house she will work for YOU.

    Elizabeth Bailey

    Patty knows Carmel Valley like no one else! She is aggressive and will work for you to get the best results. Personal relationships matter to her, so it´s never just about business.


    Patty is very knowledgeable and knows it´s the outs of the real estate market in the San Diego area. She is someone you would like on your side and to represent you in your real estate needs. Highly recommend her.

    Soraya Bouzida

    Finding Patty was like finding a pearl. There are a lot of oysters out there, but very very few contain pearls.

    The Quinn Family

    Buying and selling houses is one of the most stressful projects I have done. For most of us, it is the largest financial transaction we will complete, and it is also full of emotional issues. I recently both purchased and sold a house with Patty Contreras as my Realtor and I can´t recommend her highly enough.

    On the purchasing transaction, she really wanted to make sure that we purchased the best house for our needs. A few houses that we looked at seemed perfect until Patty highlighted design issues that limited the flexibility of the house. We continued to search for the best house; she could have taken the commission and completed the deal but she wanted to make sure that we had thought through all of the details. Then we found a house that met our design criteria, but her inspection team discovered issues that made us walk away from a beautiful home that was full of mold. Talk about dodging a bullet! When we finally purchased an investment property she consistently followed up on all of the details to ensure a timely close of escrow, often handling details that others were supposed to complete.

    While Patty was excellent in helping us purchase a home, she was really exceptional in getting the most money for the property when selling. From working with us to stage the home to look beautiful and luxurious to managing multiple offers; Patty was relentless in making sure that the property sold for the highest value. The financial screening of buyers that she put in place kept us from starting an escrow with a buyer that would not have been able to qualify for a loan. And when the appraisal came in low, her negotiations with the buyers helped us minimize the effect.

    Mary Buchanan

    We worked with Patty when we recently sold our home and purchased another. She is highly knowledgeable, professional and ethical. She ensured that our home was prepared prior to being put on the market so that when it did go up for sale, we would get top dollar. We were incredibly pleased with that preparation and Patty´s high standards. We got a great offer the minute it went on the market, even before the Wednesday Caravan!

    On the purchase of our new home, Patty was responsive and thorough, following up on each inspection, and ensuring that we had the information needed about the new home. She followed up on escrow close date, and made sure it all went smoothly. We were very happy to have her represent us during the details of the purchase transaction.

    Patty has a tremendous amount of knowledge about the real estate market in San Diego, Carmel Valley, Rancho Santa Fe and North County. She knows school districts, market value of homes, the communities, and what buyers want. We have had experience with several real estate agents, and would highly recommend Patty.

    Brenda Flores

    I would recommend Patty Contreras and have recommended her to many people because she goes above and beyond what any realtor has done for us in the past. My husband and I have bought and sold 5 homes now, and so often, at the end of the process, we are disappointed in the fact that our realtor received a commission for what seemed to be about a day´s work. At the end of this past purchase/sale, we felt as though Patty earned every penny of her commission. Even after the transaction was complete, Patty still called to follow up on any work that was supposed to be done, or anything we were supposed to receive.

    The Moody Family