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    5 stores where back to school items cost under $1—or even just 1¢

    Reprinted from Money Magazine (Aug. 4)

    Office Depot/OfficeMax: In many locations, when you make a purchase of at least $5, you can also buy a variety of school essentials like folders, pencil boxes, and packs of index cards for just 1¢ apiece. Other items like one-subject spiral notebooks, 2-packs of kids scissors, and 12-packs of Crayola colored pencils are only 50¢ each, and five-packs of Sharpies are $1 each, no other purchase required.

    Rite Aid: Classic back-to-school items like Playskool glue, Playskool 24-packs of crayons, and Mead 100-sheet composition notebooks cost 59¢ each.

    Staples: Take your pick of 6-packs of highlighters or 10-packs of Bic ballpoint pens for 75¢ apiece on sale this week; and items like one-subject spiral notebooks, 12-inch wooden rulers, and 24-packs of Crayola crayons are priced at 17¢, 25¢, and 50¢, respectively, throughout the entire back-to-school season.

    Target: Target isn’t as well known as other retailers for ultra-cheap sales, but shoppers can find things like Sharpie singles in an abundance of styles and colors priced at $1 each.

    Walgreens: This week, Walgreens is promoting a special deal with 24-packs of Crayola crayons priced at just 69¢; plus, if you can get your hands on a coupon in the local Sunday newspaper, a four-pack of Bic Atlantis pens that normally sells for $1.99 will run only 49¢. One-subject notebooks, meanwhile, are being priced at 2 for $1, and folders and mini-highlighters are selling at 7 for $1.


    Supplies experts say you should be buying if you’re sending kids off to school

    Reprinted from Money Magazine (Aug. 4)

    “Notebooks, pens and pencils are still on lists for schools all across the country,” said Ben Glaser, features editor at DealNews.com. Add to that folders, binders, filler paper, and composition books for all but the very lowest grades.

    For younger kids, you’ll need art-project supplies like glue sticks, construction paper and markers, crayons and colored pencils.

    For middle school on up, add highlighters, USB thumb drives, and some kind of tab or divider system to help them organize their assignments.

    “Smartphones are much more common,” Glaser said. Although they’re not technically a school supply, Glaser pointed out that they can replace some other devices, such as calculators, and they’re so ubiquitous.

    “Technology influences the must-have items for back-to-school,” said Traci Gregorski, senior vice president of marketing at Market Track.

    Especially for older kids, more lists now include tablets and laptops, earbuds, cords, chargers, headphones, and flash drives as essentials for students.

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